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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any thing and that’s because I haven’t done anything but ride and add gas.  But if you didn’t know today is my birthday and I thought “hey what better thing to do then to drink some wine and pull out the speedometer” on Marlin.   The plan is to mail off the speedometer tomorrow to John Bordas in Texas to get a refurbish and repair of the trip on my speedometer.  I’ll let you know how this goes tomorrow.  There were other profound things I wonted to say as I was puling off the “oh shit” clips but I cant remember now.  I blame most of that on the wine an part of that on the concussions and pucks to the head :) .

Started with a Rack

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About two weeks ago I bught a lugage rack on ebay. Beacause I wanted to have the rack to pack camping gear on for last weeks Shovlehead west fest. While I was installing the rack (went great)


While was doing this I noticed a bit if white crust on the battery strap tie down.  So I pull open the battery lid and discovered that it was coated with battery spew.  Long story short the votage regulator was putting out 16v when over idel speed.  So a quick call to Accel and they said yep its bad send it back for warranty replacement.  Hoping to get it back, again, in time for the trip I sent it two day air.  turns out that it was going to take 2-3 WEEKS for the replacement   So I broke down and bought a cheep chines solid state regulator.  I then had to get it working witch ment fabing a bracket and wiring system.


Funny thing is that after installing it it didn’t work.  No voltage at the battery and the Gen light never went off.  At my wits end I took it all apart and put every thing back together and miraculously it worked putting out 14.2v at all rpms.


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Story of irony.  I went for a ride to check on the rental price of a power washer in  preparation for the graduation party thats in the works.  When I got there an old timer came out and say what year is that.  I tolled him it was a 68.  he said he had a 69 and boy did he loose a lot of saddle bag lids on the highways.  Fast forward to Saturday and I was again on a ride but this time I was in Ranco doing some house sitting duties when on the ride home low and behold a saddle bag lid fell off.  This got em to thinking that I need to figure out a way keep them from hitting the ground.  This is what I came up with.

   Hopefully the pics are pretty self explanatory   Basically I put swivel D rings (picture hanging hardware) on the bags to act as safety cables.  For the cabling I used 550 Para cord that I got as replacement cord for my goalie pads.  I also put new moldings on the inside of the lids.  I have to say that one of the best tools during this whole process has been a putty knife.  I have scraped more sealant, glue, melted foam… with that knife to mare an edge on it.

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Here are some pictures of the the charging system.  The first is the generator torn apart waiting for brushes.  The second is the regulator.  If you look closely at the contact on the right of the picture you can see that it is bridged.  You should be able to see a thin slice of daylight between the contacts.  That explains why the charging system didn’t work.


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Sunday at noon was 24 hrs since Billy put the new insert in the front head.  It was time to try it out.  Yet again I got nothing but cranking when pushing the starter button.  Despite my exceptional levels of disappointment I didn’t know what else to do.  But I did go to O’Riles and get a new condenser, I was going to get points too but we couldn’t find anything that was comprable to what came on 68.  It turnes out that the 69 Nova points that are the same as a shovelhead’s points are for a cone head shovel.  Because of that I redressed the old points with a file and put it all back together.  I also decided to recheck the timing.  Somehow the circuit braker lobe was 180 off again.  I fixed that and got ready to push the button.  Low and behold the engine cranked and BOOM “POTATO POTATO POTATO”  It was magical!!!

The next problem I faces was the engine was still racing.  There was nothing left to check but the carb throttle butterfly.  After another call to Hawg, mostly to tell him the good news.  He suggested that I pull the card and reset the butterfly.  This is done by loosening the mounting screws on the back of the butter fly then snapping the throttle a couple of times.  This assures that the butterfly seals completely when closed.  After getting everything back together I pushed the button and adjusted the idel screw until the engine idled.  The weird thing is that when I started the tare down of Marlin I took the carb off, put it on the shelf, then put it back on the engine.  The theory is that the idel was so whacked because the engine was in such bad condition it was lugging to the point that it was a nice idel.  Now with a smooth working engine the carb had to be set correctly.   Thats were the fun ended.

I took Marlin out for a spin to start the brake in and only got about six miles into it when the battery went out.  Fortunately I noticed the lights going dime and the gen light never went out so I knew it was coming and headed home before it died.  Today I took the generator and regulator to  shop to get it tested and sure enough the regulator was dead.  After I got it home I took it home and could see the burnt contacts.  So now again Marlin is sitting waiting for parts.


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Ok so I may have spoken to soon.  Then next day I tried to start Marlin again and again nothing.  This time Hawg was kind enough to give me an ignition coil to swap out to hopefully get a better spark.  I wired up the new coil and got zilch as far as sparks go.  Both on a spark plug grounded to the head as well as a prob gaped off the head.  I put the old coil back on and tested again with the back plug and was back to week yellow sparks.  Next I pulled the front plug out and this time the new thread insert I just installed pulled out along with the plug.  So instead of riding Marlin I was pulling every thing off to take the front head off.  This time I took it to Billy’s and this morning he was able to put in a 2x oversize plug insert.  I also got a new coil.  Every thing was buttoned back up and screwed down tight be 2pm today.  I still have to weight for the insert to finish curing but I have high hopes.  Because with the new coil I am now getting a spark on the plug that is audible.  That’s good.

Good and Bad

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Well I spent today getting the last and final touches done.  Starting with static timing and ending with putting gas in.  Timing was easy and straight forward.  Turn to tdc and then adjust the circuit braker until the points are just opening.  Oh I also got the neutral light to work. I spent a lot of time with the voltmeter checking continuity and looking for hot wires. Basically found that the ground isolation on the dash pole was shot and the whole thing was hot. So instead of the button wire being ground I left that mounted to the underside of the terminal and took the socket wire and routed that to one of the ignition switch mounting screws. The polarity is reversed through the bulb but at least now the light works. 

Next I added the oil and that went pretty easy.  To get the pump primed I opened the ball check valve and cranked the engine until oil showed in the hole.  After closing it back up the oil pressure light went out.

Finally came the gas.  There was a surprise there.  When I opened the petcock gas started to leak.  I shut it off and grabbed a flashlight only to discover that I had not pushed the filter all the way onto the hose.  After fixing this little problem there were no more leaks.  Next came starting the engine.  I gaped and install the spark plugs and got read to push the button.  

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As you can tell I’m not quite there.  Marlin still needs some TLC.  I’m planing to get new o-rings for the manifold tomorrow and try again.

Apparently the video stream isn’t working you can download the video here marlin startup-20130327-2050

Gas and Oil

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Between yesterday and today I finished every thing up

  • tightened all engin bolts
  • mufflers
  • carburetor
  • tanks
  • seat
  • battery
  • bag rails
  • floor boards
  • tranny bolts
  • installed the generator
  • cleaned oil filter holder
  • installed circuit braker

The things I have left to do are the following.

  • static time the engine
  • add oil
  • add gas
  • start it up.

Genny 2

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I put it back together and it worked.  Good steady turn.


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Since I didn’t have anything else to do while I wate for the new screen to come for the breather gear I decided to take apart the generator.  Good ting I did.  I should let you know I started off with a bench test of the generator.  basically you jump the F terminal to the case.  Then you connect a battery to the case (-) and to the A (+) thermal   The generator should run like hmmm an electric motor.  Guess what mine didn’t.  It did run but is was slow and labored while under power.  This made it an even better idea to take it apart.  Once I got it cracked open the brushes were my first target and of course there were blown.  One was half the size of the other and both were burnt and the whole thing smelled like and electrical fire.

My basic plan as to just disassemble the genny, clean it, grease it and install new brushes then rebench test.  But to do so I would have to remove the drive gear.  So I took it up to the local auto parts store to use a claw puller to get the gear off.  This was a bust since the puller wouldn’t fit under the gear.  however I did get pointed at a local genny shop called Holly Generator .  So I took it up.  When the genny guy came out to look at what I had he said “hey Harley generator”?  At that point I knew I was in the right place.  So hopefully tomorrow the guy with the tools to pull the gear off will be in to work.  They will also give me a diagnostic on the commuter and
armature as well as a quote on any fixing that might be needed.