Started with a Rack

About two weeks ago I bught a lugage rack on ebay. Beacause I wanted to have the rack to pack camping gear on for last weeks Shovlehead west fest. While I was installing the rack (went great)


While was doing this I noticed a bit if white crust on the battery strap tie down.  So I pull open the battery lid and discovered that it was coated with battery spew.  Long story short the votage regulator was putting out 16v when over idel speed.  So a quick call to Accel and they said yep its bad send it back for warranty replacement.  Hoping to get it back, again, in time for the trip I sent it two day air.  turns out that it was going to take 2-3 WEEKS for the replacement   So I broke down and bought a cheep chines solid state regulator.  I then had to get it working witch ment fabing a bracket and wiring system.


Funny thing is that after installing it it didn’t work.  No voltage at the battery and the Gen light never went off.  At my wits end I took it all apart and put every thing back together and miraculously it worked putting out 14.2v at all rpms.

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