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Story of irony.  I went for a ride to check on the rental price of a power washer in  preparation for the graduation party thats in the works.  When I got there an old timer came out and say what year is that.  I tolled him it was a 68.  he said he had a 69 and boy did he loose a lot of saddle bag lids on the highways.  Fast forward to Saturday and I was again on a ride but this time I was in Ranco doing some house sitting duties when on the ride home low and behold a saddle bag lid fell off.  This got em to thinking that I need to figure out a way keep them from hitting the ground.  This is what I came up with.

   Hopefully the pics are pretty self explanatory   Basically I put swivel D rings (picture hanging hardware) on the bags to act as safety cables.  For the cabling I used 550 Para cord that I got as replacement cord for my goalie pads.  I also put new moldings on the inside of the lids.  I have to say that one of the best tools during this whole process has been a putty knife.  I have scraped more sealant, glue, melted foam… with that knife to mare an edge on it.

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