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50 miles

I did the first oil change after starting the engine rebuild.  Let me preface this with a bit of a description of the oil bing used in this process.  Valvoline VR1 60 wt. oil has the color of extra virgin olive oil and the consistency refrigerated Miss Butter worth with corn syrup added.  Like every thing 90 percent of whats going to happen happens in the first 10 percent of the activity.  With that in mind doing an oil change in the first 20-50 miles of brake in is about right.  Anyway I changed the oil and the oil was no longer green.  It was slate gray.  And I don’t know what the point of having an oil filter on this bike when during the oil change I had to stuff a rag into the oil tank, after flushing it with mineral spirits, to whip out the grit that didn’t rince out.

The other thing that needed to be done at 50 miles was to go back over all the jug nuts (he he) and retorque them just to be sure enugh all 18 torqued back down.  So thats a good thing.  Worst part of the retorting was having to take out the circuit braker to get the front right base nut.  I was told that that one is often skipped because it’s hard to reach and it is also the first spot to blow a gasket.  Now I have to re time the engine but I guess thats a small price to pay.

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