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Lets we last time I wrote I was getting the charging system back in line. Last Tuesday the 16th the new regulator arrived. I hooked every thing back up and and fired up the engine. Once again Marlin fired right up and that made me happy. So I went out for a ride and something just wasn’t right. there was no power and after a few miles there were some strage sounds. Like slapping or cracking coming from the engine. This didn’t make me happy. Today I went riding again looking for some 60 wt. oil to make the first oil change and get rid of the brake in sluff. Of course I couldn’t find any, all that around is 50 wt. So after getting home and letting things cool off for a few hours I went out after dinner and adusted the pushrods, I was hoping it was a valve problem causing the noises I was hearing from the engine. Low and behold the rear intake push rod had collapsed. So that explained a lot. This made me happy. I was pretty sure I had found the problem. After getting things buttoned back down I went out for another ride and this time I was happy. Now I Marlin is just swimming in power and torque. But now I have a new fear. Because Marlin has way more go then he has stop.

From now on out its all cake. I still need to get the right spot light to stop moving round during driving and figure out bag rale screws so there firm and they stop falling out.

2 Responses to “Wow”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Great News– Locktite might help the screws.

  2. Wade Says:

    The screws on the rail connectors are actually already frozen and because there acorn nuts they dont get any tighter. I need to replace the 8 screws and nuts.

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