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Sunday at noon was 24 hrs since Billy put the new insert in the front head.  It was time to try it out.  Yet again I got nothing but cranking when pushing the starter button.  Despite my exceptional levels of disappointment I didn’t know what else to do.  But I did go to O’Riles and get a new condenser, I was going to get points too but we couldn’t find anything that was comprable to what came on 68.  It turnes out that the 69 Nova points that are the same as a shovelhead’s points are for a cone head shovel.  Because of that I redressed the old points with a file and put it all back together.  I also decided to recheck the timing.  Somehow the circuit braker lobe was 180 off again.  I fixed that and got ready to push the button.  Low and behold the engine cranked and BOOM “POTATO POTATO POTATO”  It was magical!!!

The next problem I faces was the engine was still racing.  There was nothing left to check but the carb throttle butterfly.  After another call to Hawg, mostly to tell him the good news.  He suggested that I pull the card and reset the butterfly.  This is done by loosening the mounting screws on the back of the butter fly then snapping the throttle a couple of times.  This assures that the butterfly seals completely when closed.  After getting everything back together I pushed the button and adjusted the idel screw until the engine idled.  The weird thing is that when I started the tare down of Marlin I took the carb off, put it on the shelf, then put it back on the engine.  The theory is that the idel was so whacked because the engine was in such bad condition it was lugging to the point that it was a nice idel.  Now with a smooth working engine the carb had to be set correctly.   Thats were the fun ended.

I took Marlin out for a spin to start the brake in and only got about six miles into it when the battery went out.  Fortunately I noticed the lights going dime and the gen light never went out so I knew it was coming and headed home before it died.  Today I took the generator and regulator to  shop to get it tested and sure enough the regulator was dead.  After I got it home I took it home and could see the burnt contacts.  So now again Marlin is sitting waiting for parts.

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