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Ok so I may have spoken to soon.  Then next day I tried to start Marlin again and again nothing.  This time Hawg was kind enough to give me an ignition coil to swap out to hopefully get a better spark.  I wired up the new coil and got zilch as far as sparks go.  Both on a spark plug grounded to the head as well as a prob gaped off the head.  I put the old coil back on and tested again with the back plug and was back to week yellow sparks.  Next I pulled the front plug out and this time the new thread insert I just installed pulled out along with the plug.  So instead of riding Marlin I was pulling every thing off to take the front head off.  This time I took it to Billy’s and this morning he was able to put in a 2x oversize plug insert.  I also got a new coil.  Every thing was buttoned back up and screwed down tight be 2pm today.  I still have to weight for the insert to finish curing but I have high hopes.  Because with the new coil I am now getting a spark on the plug that is audible.  That’s good.

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