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Finally Marlin started and idled.  It wasn’t stedy but it was an idle.  There is a story that goes along with this milestone.  It started on Tuesday when I was fussing again trying to get it started.  Basically when I was trying to put the front spark plug back in it was not right.  Apon cheking the plug it had striped out.  I tried another plug and this time not only did it strip the plug but it pulled out the coil insert in the spark plug hole.  Yesterday I put in a spark plug hole repair plug.  This ment I had to weight 24 hours for it to finish curing.  Witch brings us to today.  Today consisted of replacing the plug wires with Accell  due it yourself wires.  This time when I tred to start him up I used the car battery as a booster for power.  Well it still didnt fire but it was defently was trying to start.  After talking with Hawg he suggessted droping the gap to .020, the minimum gap for the plugs.  So I did.  I also cleaned and dressed the plugs because they were carbon fouled.  Then it happened.  I wasn’t realy expecting it but when I pussed the button there was some defenit chuging and a couple of cranks later off it went.  Nice and loud.

I know there are lots of miss spellings but for some reason the red squiggles disappeared. so sorry.

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  1. Bruce Says:

    Excellent–congratulations– are you riding?

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