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Almost There

Posted in Engine, The Long Rode on March 31st, 2013 by Wade

When I left you I had tried to turn over Marlin with marginal success.  So I call Hawg to ask him what his thoughts were.  Well he said “hell I’ll just come down and well get it timed up and running.”  So Friday Hawg came down.  First thing we discovered is that I had timed it to the wrong mark.  On the new flywheel there are three marks on the fly wheel  ( . | )  I, not thinking about it nor checking the timing marks while the engine was on the bench, just timed it to the | because that is what the manuals say.  So I had the bike timed to the advanced mark rather then then TDC mark.  Then turning to the circuit braker it turnes out that the cam was backwards.  So rather then the front piston firing on the front points opening it was firing on the back point.

Once we got that all straightened out it seamed that battery just didn’t have the oomph to get the job done.  Then it happened.  The starter just started to wheer.  It appeared that the starter gear clutch had gone out.  I confirmed this by pulling the primary cover tonight and yes indeed the starter drive gear ingages the ring gear on the clutch basket but there is no turning happening.  Hopefully a new gear and we’ll try again.  Fingers crossed that Marlin will fire up with timing straightened out and a new starter gear clutch.

Good and Bad

Posted in repair, The Long Rode on March 27th, 2013 by Wade
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