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Brake down

Posted in Brake Down, The Long Rode on June 24th, 2013 by Wade

With the charging system working again I was ready for the 400 mile ride to Oragon for the fest.  So friday I left for the ride.  I was about 100 miles in when I passed a semi and coming back into the right lane then all of a sudden the engine reved up and the back tire was no longer pushing. It was like it had sliped out of gear. Once I stopped on the side of the highway and got off to take a look I was hoping to find that the final drive chain had snapped without hitting anything or making any noise and shot out the back but it was still there. I was able to shift back down to first but there was still no grab of any gears.  The three prevaling threies for the problem was cluch basket woodruf key, Drive gear splines striped, or the brake drum spocket rivets sheered.  Since the sprocket was not loose I started on the primary.  This is what I put in the forum where I was trying to diganose the problem

“I’m unbelievably angry at my self. I spent the last two hours pulling the primary off. That includes the foot board, solinoid, battery tray, starter, primary chain, clutch, inner primary, and chain, only to discover that the chain rolled off the drum while the tire stayed perfectly still. I’m sure in a hour or so I will be laughing at myself and can then go back and start putting things back together. Then I get to start taking the back wheel apart.

NOTHING IS BROKEN. Its my complete and udder failure as a man, a mechanic, and a diagnostician. All the lug nuts are gone.”

“I got the primary back on and one thing I can tell you is that I am now well versed with primary disassembly and assembly for a 68 big twin.

With the tire off I can also say that while I know I’m loosing my faculties I was not wrong when I couldn’t remember seeing or deeling with dowels on the rear hub. So in my ignorance I just assumed that the lugs did all the work.”